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What do I do if I have a team member who is killing our “Swing”?

A recently published book “The Weekly Coaching Conversation” by Brian Souza touched on this very issue. Business Schools such as Harvard have shown a real focus in the area of career development and the term “coach” is evolving within corporations. Souza recommends a regular check-in session with your direct report to assess not only their performance, but also check in on softer metrics as well. We would like to add to this article with some of our own findings, and offer a few tools for you to use with your team. We would love your feedback on how to improve any of these tools after you have worked with them.

Whether your check in meeting is quarterly, monthly, or weekly, having a template to work with as you are getting started can be helpful in facilitating dialog. It will also allow the direct report to speak more than the boss, which is of particular importance if the boss is an extrovert and the direct report is not.

Our experiences have shown that a regular check-in on areas such as your Soul, Fuel, Work, Fun, and Community Service will quickly identify the area that is distracting them. A simple listening exercise along with a specific question on what steps they will take to remedy the concern can go a long way. We have been amazed at how well these templates work when it comes to getting what is in a person’s head out in the open, proving once again that “your head is a horrible place for a discussion”. Here is one of our new templates to try and let us know how it goes.