You are leaving college and entering the workplace. The age range of people you are going to be working with will increase dramatically. The norms of reciprocity will have a large impact on how quickly you manage the transition to enjoying your first job.

One of the most influential minds in the area of getting along with others is Adam Grant, and his first book Give & Take from 2013 is a great place to start learning how to get along with others for your combined success.

This was our book of the year in 2013 and I am listening to it for the third time on my walks. Grant challenges you to not get too far ahead in your thinking and he has plenty of twists and turns, which is rare in a business book. Are you a Taker, Matcher, or Giver… Which should you be… Can you change…? He presents data and stories which will leave you asking all these questions. For a sample watch his Google Talk.