As you look to re-position yourself from a salary person to someone who is looking for a variable compensation structure, you need to find the teams that are looking at an old game through a new lens.

Take a look at the Golden State Warriors and how they have adapted to become one of the best teams in the last four years.


The Golden State Warriors haven’t just taken the NBA by surprise they’ve knocked it completely on its side. From our vantage point it is another example of highly adaptable Bay Area executive talent deploying a winning strategy, and we would like to share one element that you can use with your team. The NBA’s history of success has been Jordan as the star with a Pippen on the side, Larry Bird as the star with DJ or McHale on the side, or LeBron with a strong second in Wade even won a title. Yet coming out of San Antonio over the past ten years is a different way. It is less about the one star and more about a fully functioning team of nine to ten players getting meaningful minutes throughout the entire season.

There may not be a “Money Ball” book out yet on the this strategy, but the ownership of the Warriors brought Steve Kerr in to run a system similar to the Spurs, and it works on many levels. The correlation to your business that we would like to highlight is that you should be taking more people out on sales and service calls. Nothing is more painful than watching a loyal bench warmer thrust on the court at crunch time because they haven’t seen the light of day for months. The ball is moving differently than in practice, and the heat of the moment melts them on the spot. Have you not seen this on your work teams? The back office person is left stammering because the prime time player is out on vacation or is sick.

We view this as a mistake by leadership to not develop all members of the team to be able to “leave the building” and go see a client or customer. It doesn’t have to be an everyday occurrence but having a system in place to keep all team members on the court will do wonders for your company. We hope the Warriors go all the way again this year. Just remember, get the ball in as many people’s hands as you can during the regular season so they won’t drop it in the playoffs!