Staying on the topic of leading yourself.

You have earned the right to be on your own and the better you handle the more liberty you are going to earn.

Here is our take on a way to look at building out your own internal compass.

As A Leader, What Is In Your Toolkit?

The Leader’s Compass

What do you use to navigate the storms and the seas that come with organizing and working with others? Our research is showing it is part head, part gut, part eyes, and part heart. In looking for an image that we thought would convey all of these the compass came to mind, that little device that helps you stay on track when visibility is low and the future uncertain. We will be adding more detail to the action phrases associated with the different directional points and welcome your feedback on how you Coach, Teach, Manage and Lead.

Of note is that half of the compass requires silence from the leader, this maybe your strength or your greatest challenge, regardless make sure you have a trusted colleague who can give you “true” perspective on whether you need to speak up, or be silent.

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