You are joining the working economy right at several inflection points. One of them is that storing and monetizing long tail offerings has been made much easier.

Clay Shirky gave a forward looking Ted Talk in 2005 where he called for a 50 year period of instability – 12 years later he is looking rather smart. Give his talk a listen and then consider listening to Chris Anderson, the former editor of Wired magazine as he talks about his book “Makers”.

“Makers” by Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is a former editor at Wired Magazine and the Author of an earlier book .

Both Shirky and Anderson are building off of Tom Friedman’s writings about how we are moving from an economy of storing goods to one of goods moving.

Your ability to grasp these concepts and then start playing on the winning side of the game will help you live in world where growth is abundant. Good things happen in this zone.

The opposite is joining a company that is playing a game of how long it can hang on until it dies….and this is where scarcity reigns, and your work life is going to be miserable.

Friedman’s latest book “Thank You For Being Late” should inspire you that now is a great time to be young….if you know where to apply your energy. Here is the link to an audio clip of the book.

Listen to these experts, get up to speed on the changes that are occurring and start making your moves to get on the winning side of the economy.